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Frequently Asked Questions and Trouble Shooting for Section 8 Application:

Question:  I filled out the application and when I hit the “CLICK TO REGISTER” button it said there was a problem and my Social Security Number is a duplicate?
Answer:  Most common problem is the applicant is clicking the “CLICK TO REGISTER” button more than once.  If a Confirmation Number was generated, the initial application was selected.  No further action is required.  

Question:  I have zero income and the application will not accept $0 as input in the earnings field.
Answer:  At this time put in $1 as income, the application will then be accepted.

:  I did not write down my Confirmation Number.
Answer:  At the same site (https://plymouth.hdswaitinglist.com) under the “REGISTER” button, select the “SEARCH EXISTING RECORD” button.  At the next screen put in your name, social security number and birthday as you entered  it on the initial application and select “CHECK STATUS”.  If your application was successfully submitted it will show the Confirmation Number.  If it shows record not found, first confirm you entered your information correctly, make any corrections and try again. It may be your application was not actually submitted and you must start the application again.  When completing the application make sure all information is there and no missing required information.  If information is missing the application cannot be submitted.

:  The application is not accepting my phone number.
Answer:  Make sure the number lock is not on and do not hit the space or tab keys while inserting the phone number.

:  I need to update my application with additional information (such as household members, income, etc.)
Answer:  Using the Confirmation Number or the Name, Social Security Number and Birthday of applicant, go to the application website (https://plymouth.hdswaitinglist.com) and select
“SEARCH EXISTING RECORD”.  You can modify the application until 11:59PM on May 13th, 2014.  After that date if your application is randomly selected, all changes must be submitted to Plymouth Housing Commission in writing.
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