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Rental Listings   

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Below are the links to the rental listings from Landlords that have indicated that they will accept Section 8 Vouchers.  Plymouth Housing Commission is NOT endorsing these units but only making them available to Section 8 Clients as a courtesy to the Client and the Landlord.  The listings are separated out by bedroom size.  These units have not been inspected or approved.   As a reminder, other rentals may be available via the newspapers or other advertising methods that will accept a Section 8 Voucher.   You are required to follow standard Move-out and Move-in procedures.  Please contact your case manager if you are unsure of these procedures.  DO NOT sign a lease and DO NOT give a deposit until the unit has passed inspection and is approved by your Case Manager.   Again, please remember ALL MOVE REQUESTS NEED TO BE APPROVED AND UNITS STILL NEED TO BE INSPECTED AND APPROVED BY THE HOUSING COMMISSION.

1)        1 Bedroom Rental Units Listing

2)        2 Bedroom Rental Units Listing

3)        3 Bedroom Rental Unit Listing

4)        4 5 and 6 Bedroom Rental Unit Listing


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Rental Listings  
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